Micromachining for Medical Devices

IMC Intertech is a leading supplier of micromachining for medical devices

IMC Intertech provides micromachining for medical devices. We partner with medical device companies to deliver high quality, micro precision parts at 0.3 cubic mm (0.012 cubic in) and smaller.

What is micromachining?

Micromachining refers to the manufacture of parts at a micro scale, typically at 500µ (.020in) or less. With the latest advancements in machining technologies, extremely small designs have become a very viable solution for production grade parts. Miniaturization is set to pave the way for many new advances in medical device technologies.

IMC’s guidelines for medical device micromachining

Standard Materials

Micromachining can be done on a variety of materials. Below is a list of the some common materials, with other materials available upon request.

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Polyacetal (POM)
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass

Dimensioning and Tolerancing

It is now entirely practical to design parts smaller than .010in. Part features can be micromachined down to .001in, with tolerances down to .0001in.

  • Fillets
  • Chamfers
  • Holes
  • Slots
  • Undercuts
  • Cylindrical Shapes
  • Square Shapes

Your partner in design and develpement of medical devices

IMC Intertech supplies state of the art, micro fabrication parts. We partner with you to deliver medical device quality parts. We deliver high quality, precision components at 0.3 cubic mm (0.012 cubic in) and smaller. Our facilities are ISO 13485 certified. Parts manufactured in an ISO Class 7 clean room. Certificate of conformance with precise dimensional data is available as needed. Imagine what you could design with precision machining at the micro scale. We’re here to help you make those designs a reality.

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We provide state of the art microfabrication services. We work with medical device companies to provide manufacturing services and expertise in building tiny parts. Our aim is to open up new possibilities in innovation and miniaturization, thus helping your designs become a reality. Let’s partner together to build the future.

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