Micro EDM for Medical Devices

This article takes a deeper look into manufacturing by Micro EDM for medical devices. This micro manufacturing technology makes incredibly small and precise features including sharp inside corners with tight tolerances. Here, we explore how this technology works as well as how it differs from traditional machining methods.

What is micro electron discharge machining?

Micro EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a micromachining process that uses electrical discharges to remove material from a substrate. Due to its the use of tiny electrical discharges by custom made electrode, this process is used to create intricate shapes and features on conductive materials.

Why Micro EDM has become popular for medical devices?

For the medical device industry, micro EDM has become a popular choice in fabricating tiny features in devices such as surgical and implantable components. These features may include small asymmetric holes, grooves, or channels, which are critical for the device’s function. Furthermore, this process is also non-contact, allowing for minimal risk of damage when processing delicate materials.

How Micro EDM differs from traditional machining

Micro EDM can be ideal for processing parts over traditional machining methods under certain circumstances:

Complex Geometries

Because EDM uses custom a electrode design to remove material, as opposed to a circular milling bit, this is capable of producing far more complex geometries. Such geometries include sharp inside corners and complex end angles amongst other features.

Delicate Materials

Due to its non-contact nature, Micro EDM can work with hard and brittle materials, such as tungsten, and ceramics, which can be difficult to machine with traditional methods. That said, because this process uses electric discharges, it can only be used on conductive materials (commonly metals, as well as some ceramics, plastics, graphite and carbon fiber materials).

High Precision

Micro EDM is capable of manufacturing dimensions and tolerances down to micrometer or even nanometer scales, which may not be possible by other traditional machining methods.

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