Micromachining Platinum Iridium

In this article we explore micromachining Platinum Iridium, and why this material is becoming a popular choice for micro applications for medical devices.

Firstly, what is platinum iridium?

Platinum iridium combines the precious metal platinum with the ultra hard material iridium into a metal alloy. The result makes for a durable material, well suited for medical devices and precision instruments. Platinum has excellent biocompatibility and is furthermore radiopaque. Thus, making this material a great option for medical devices that need to be visible under X-ray. These properties combined with the hardness of iridium allows for micro machining of very small and intricate features.

What are common applications for platinum iridium micro components?

Platinum iridium is heavily used for medical devices due to its due to its high strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. Platinum iridium is furthermore an excellent visual marker for surgical implants when viewed under x-ray due to its radiopaque nature. Platinum iridium micro components have grown in popularity due to a need to miniaturize for atraumatic device functionality. With micro machined features, these small components provide multifunctional uses, such as radiopaque markers and mechanical interlocks.

Other areas with a growing need for micro platinum iridium parts include: surgical or precision instruments, aerospace and defense industries, and scientific research.

Platinum Iridium is a popular choice for micromachining due to it’s Hardness, Biocompatibility, & Corrosion Resistance

What are methods of micromachining platinum iridium?

There are several methods available for micromachining platinum iridium. Utilizing micro mill & lathe for platinum iridium has recently grown in popularity. Advancements in these micro machining center technologies, have allowed for the processing of smaller parts and more intricate features.

Additionally, platinum iridium can be machined by non-contact methods such as femto-second laser and micro electron discharge machining (EDM). Such technologies can allow for virtual 90° inside corners, with feature resolution under 10 microns.

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