Micro Coiling

Micro coil manufacturing for medical devices and more, with ODs less than 30 μm.

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Extremely Small Micro Coils

Micro coiling and micro miniature winding with outer diameters smaller than 30 microns, and wire diameters as small as 7 microns. We seek to push the limits in micro manufacturing technologies, hence allowing for endless innovation in medical devices and more. In addition, we supply a large variety of materials to meet the needs of medical devices. These materials include Tungsten, Molybdenum, and Platinum, in addition to stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Micro Fabrication Parts
Micro Sized

Miniature Coils smaller than
OD 30μm
Wire Dia 7μm


Stainless Steel





And More

Micro Coiling For Medical Devices

In recent years, the need for coiling and windings have grown tremendously in medical devices. These products have been used in access catheters, radiopaque markers, and additionally have been used as implants to succesfully treat aneurysm. Moreover, advancements in micro coiling capabilities have paved the way for new and life saving neurovascular devices.

  • Aneurysm Coils
  • Neurovascular Coils
  • Catheter Coiling
  • Multi Filar Windings
  • Radiopaque Markers

Micro Winding Manufacturing Capabilities

Micro coiling requires use of the most advanced and proprietary computer numeric control (CNC) technologies to produce extremely small parts. In addition, these processing technologies can produce custom bending and forming to meet the most complex design needs. These technological advancements have resulted in the smallest and most accurate miniature coils and windings. Cutting, laser, and grinding technologies allow for a variety of smooth and clean cut end conditions. Additionally, post processing technologies like heat treating and coating result in properties to meet a wide variety of medical device needs.

  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Complex Shapes
  • Precision Grinding
  • Laser Processing
  • Post Processing
  • Coating
  • Heat Treating

Micro Coils with Micro Machined Parts

In need of micro machining to pair with your micro coiling assembly? We quote extremely small parts, with features typically less than .010″ and tolerances under .001″. Moreover, we provide assembly joining, welding, and more. See this up close by requesting a sample below!

Micro Fabrication Parts

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