Marker Bands for Medical Device

Manufacturing the smallest and most intricate radiopaque marker bands for medical device. We work with your custom designs to fabricate extremely small micro marker bands that meet the unique needs of your device. Marker bands are drawn as small as 0.1mm, with wall thicknesses under 0.025mm. Moreover, our state of the art micromachining technologies allow for extremely small and precise custom features.

Top Quality Marker Band Material

We offer marker bands manufactured from premium-quality materials, specifically designed for medical devices and biocompatibility. These materials undergo unique processing methods, enabling the creation of exceptionally small and precise custom features. The selection of marker band materials includes the following:

  • Platinum Iridium
  • Platinum Tungsten
  • Platinum
  • Tungsten
  • Tantalum
  • Gold
Micro Marker Bands

Manufacturing Marker Bands with IMC

Why manufacture with us? We apply our extensive knowledge of micromachining with radiopaque materials to produce custom designs unique to your device. We additionally specialize in micro subassembly where welding, joining, or insert molding can provide added benefit. Our unique abilities allow for your marker bands to be produced smaller and with a wide variety of geometries that traditional fabrication processes cannot perform.

Case Study: Micro radiopaque marker band for medical device

The below case study outlines how small and complex we can produce radiopaque marker bands for medical device applications. This part is roughly the size of a grain of salt. Our passion and curiosity to innovate in of micro machining precious metals has paved the way for parts like this to be made in high volumes.

Miniature Trigger

Micro marker for medical device
  • Material: Pt/w (92/8)
  • Units: Inches
Micromachining, Micro Trigger

In need of Marker Bands for Medical Devices?

We manufacture micro components and assemblies in accordance with FDA and ISO regulations.

  • Extensive Quality Management Systems
  • COC and Inspection Data Provided
  • Class ISO-7 Clean Room