Micro Lead Screws

Micro lead screws custom made to your design. Diameters are as small as 0.5mm for unmatched accuracy & precision!

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Miniaturized Lead Screws

Extremely small micro lead screws built for precision applications. These lead screws support applications where accuracy, precision, and miniaturization are a must, with screw diameters ranging from 4.0mm all the way down to 0.5mm!

Lead screws sized down to half a milimeter in diameter!

Micro Lead Screws

Micro lead screw sizes range from 0.5mm to 4.0mm. These incredibly small nut and lead screw assemblies can therefore connect to highly compact units. Thus, they excel at saving size and weight. We focus on small sized screws but can support additional sizes upon request.


We’ve successfully tested these micro lead screws over 80km (50 miles) under continuous load of 2.5kg. Furthermore, our synthetic resin nut and 3mm screw can endure over 900N when break tested. As a result, these lead screws can be trusted for critical precision applications and measuring instruments.

Positional Accuracy

Our synthetic resin nut combined with grinding screw makes for a backlash under 2μm! Consequently, these screws have a high degree of positional accuracy by design. In addition, lead screws are processed and assembled using our own exclusive technology to further ensure accuracy and precision.

Successfully tested over 50 miles under continuous load of 2.5kg!

Design Guidelines

worlds smallest lead screw at 0.5mm diameter
The World’s Smallest Lead Screw

We’ve produced nut and lead screw diameters sized down to 0.5mm, and hence are developing the worlds smallest lead screws!

micro lead screw size and pitch
Screw Sizes & Specs:
  • Pitch:0.15~5.0mm
  • Screw diameter:φ0.5~4.0mm
  • Nut inner diameter:φ0.5~4.0mm
  • Lengths as specified
micro lead screw materials
Nut Materials:
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
  • Nylon 66 (PA66)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Others upon request

Micro Lead Screw Applications

Micro Lead Screws

Our miniaturized lead screws are part of a technology platform paving the way for new advancements in small and intricate medical products. Applications, for example, may include drug delivery, medical devices, robotic assisted surgery and many more. Additionally, these small lead screws work well in conjunction with other services provided by IMC Intertech, including micro tubes and micro subassembly.

Each micro lead screw is custom made to your design!

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Micro Lead Screws with Micro Machined Parts

In need of micro machining to pair with your micro lead screw assembly? We quote extremely small parts, with features typically less than .010″ and tolerances under .001″. See this up close by requesting a sample below!

Micro Fabrication Parts

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