Micro Assembly for Medical Device

IMC Intertech LLC offers unparalleled precision, accuracy, and quality in the assembly of micro components, creating tiny and complex devices needed for today’s medical industry.

Micro assembly capabilities

Due to the vast complexities in human anatomies, medical devices require smaller and smaller micro assembly methods. IMC specializes in various micro assembly techniques such as:

  • Micro Insert Molding: With wall thicknesses 0.3mm, and features as small as 2μm.
  • Micro Welding: Fusing together extremely small components.
  • Interference Fits: Press fitting of micro pins, tubes, and more.
  • Manual or Semi-Automated Assembly: Facilitating the handling of extremely tiny parts.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ensuring the cleanliness of micro parts and assemblies.
  • Passivation: Preventing corrosion on micromachined metal parts.
  • Chemical & Electro Polish: Ensuring smooth surfaces on micro parts and assemblies.
  • Quality Inspection: Ensuring a high degree of quality for each micro assembly, from hermeticity testing, tensile testing, surface profilometer measurements, CMM and more.

Micro manufacturing for medical devices

IMC Intertech LLC supplies micro components and assemblies for medical devices. We team with our customers to meet all requirements for the design and development of your life saving products. We take care in our quality control systems and adhere to strict ISO 13485 standards, ensuring the safety and reliability of your products.

  1. Concept and Feasibility: Our passion is in manufacturing innovation. We perform feasibility builds for concept evaluation and develop innovative manufacturing techniques to meet new design requirements.
  2. Design Planning: We team with our customers in the design and development process, including creation of process flow and control plans, pFMEAs, measurement system analysis, and identifying the resources needed for the successful project completion.
  3. Process Verification and Validation: We facilitate the successful IQ, OQ and PQ requirements for your designs, ensuring a high degree of quality and safety that meets regulatory standards.
  4. Design Transfer and Sustainability: We ensure manufacturing processes, training of personnel, design history files, change control, and corrective actions are held in strict compliance with medical device regulation.

Teaming with us for your micro manufacturing needs means that you can focus on other important aspects of your business, while we assemble your tiny components. Our commitment to quality and workmanship ensures the reliability of products made for patient care. We look forward to working together to bring your medical device project to life.

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We manufacture micro components and assemblies in accordance with Medical Device and ISO regulations.

  • Extensive Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified
  • Class ISO-7 Clean Room

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