Micro Parts vs Pumpkin Pie Spice

Happy Autumn! It’s that time of year again, and in this edition of our newsletter, we’ll be taking a look at how micro parts size up to pumpkin pie spice.

The Setup

For starters, here’s my setup. Positioning the parts was undoubtedly very challenging, and not well suited for anyone that breathes, let alone has had a cup of coffee!

Can you spot the micro parts in this picture?

Now For A Closer Look

Click on the images below to get a better look at how these stack up!

How We Fared?

This one was close, but looks like the pumpkin pie spice wins in smallness. Though the micro parts beat out some of the larger grains, there were still a decent amount of spice dust that were smaller. Some of the machined features in comparison are pretty impressive non the less!

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