Micro Parts vs Sugar

These new micro part samples are pretty sweet! Hence, we thought it’d be cool to stack them up against rainbow sprinkles in a challenge to see which is smaller.

Contender #1: Micro-Machined Flange

This sample micro-part is one of our smallest yet! Machined from stainless steel 304 rod stock of 1mm diameter, it can be characterized by the following features:

  • Right angle groove at .001″ depth
  • Thru slot at .002″ x .006″
  • Thru hole at .003″ diameter
  • Radius edge at .0004″

Those are some pretty tiny features. The tolerances on these are on the level of 4 decimals!

Contender #2: Tiny Rainbow Sprinkles

Yummy, delicious, sugary sprinkles! The type that you can find at your local grocery store. This tasty treat can be characterized by:

  • Colorful mini cubes
  • Crunchy, sugary taste
  • Brightens up cookies & cupcakes!

Surely these tiny cubes of colorful sugar would make for a great contender!

Which is smaller? Micro-Part vs Sugar!

Micro-Part vs Sugar Zoom

This stack up is not even close! The micro machined part wins hands down in smallness!

Those sugar cubes look massive in comparison to the micro machined part!

The length of these sugar cubes look about .030″, which is about double the size of the micro flange.

Zooming out for a second look


Zooming out, you can get a better sense of just how small this part is!

While the tiny rainbow sugar cubes are still very prominent to the naked eye, the micro part is barely visible in comparison. It appears as a tiny black spec in this picture.

Too small to be true? Get a sample!

Micro Flange Sample Part

Don’t believe what you see. We’ll send you a sample!

You can’t fully grasp the smallness of these parts and features without checking them out up close and in person! Click below, and we’ll send you this sample part so that you can view it for yourself.