Micro Manufacturing for Medical Devices

Micromanufacturing has revolutionized the world of engineering and Medical Devices, allowing for the production of intricate components with unparalleled miniaturization. In this article, we will delve into the latest trends in micromanufacturing, focusing on micro welding, micro overmolding, micro medical devices, micro coiling, and the cutting-edge femto laser technology. These advancements have the potential to reshape industries and drive innovation in micromanufacturing.

Micro Manufacturing – Micro Welding

When assembling and joining miniature components, micro welding has emerged as a crucial technique in micromanufacturing. Micro welding encompasses various approaches, including laser micro welding, and state of the art femtosecond cold welding. These techniques offer exceptional precision, control, and repeatability, allowing for the assembly of complex microstructures in medical devices. Welding ensures reliable and durable joints that can also provide a hermetic, leak proof seal.

Micro Overmolding

Micro overmolding technologies have made significant advancements in the manufacture of extremely small parts. As a result, micro overmolding has caught the attention of many micro medical device makers due to its ability to join parts and create a quality bond without the need for manual adhesives. This trend involves the encapsulation or overmolding of micro-sized parts with thermoplastic or elastomer materials. Micro overmolding enables the creation of complex, multi-material devices with features that facilitate functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Applications include microfluidic devices, micro-catheters, drug or implant delivery systems, where precise encapsulation and hermeticity are crucial.

Micro Coil Assembly

Micro coiling involves the winding of miniature coils with high precision and control. Applications for micro coiling in medical devices include aneurysm coils, guidewires, catheters and more. Micromanufacturing techniques enable the fabrication of coils with precise dimensions, tight tolerances, and desired electrical properties. In medical devices, it is often necessary to weld or over mold these micro components into a larger assembly. Micro coiling plays a vital role in the miniaturization of devices and the advancement of emerging technologies.

Micro Manufacturing by Femtosecond Laser

Femtosecond laser technology provides atomic level precision and is at the forefront of micromanufacturing. This technology offers unparalleled micromachining precision. This cutting-edge trend involves the use of ultrafast laser pulses to perform microscale operations, such as cutting, drilling, surface structuring, and engraving. Femtosecond lasers enable the fabrication of complex geometries, even on delicate materials, with sub-micrometer accuracy. This technology is furthermore gaining popularity in precision welding, and welding of tricky materials such as Nitinol.

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