Micro Precision Rubber Products

We are a leading supplier in high quality micro precision rubber products. Producing custom rubber products that are very difficult to manufacture. O-Ring as small as 0.05mm (0.002”) dia. and cross section.

Our Products & Services

miniature o-rings
Miniature O-Rings
Super small o-rings as well as large o-rings with tiny cross sectional diameters.

chemical resistant rubber seals
Chemical Resistant Seals
High performance materials from our own material databases.

Low Contamination
Class 100 clean room facility for ultra high purity, cleanliness, and minimal contamination.

Custom Diaphragms
Ultra thin, high accuracy diaphragms for medical, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Rubber Vibration Insulators
Small size, high precision insulators manufactured with stable characteristics.

Custom Molded Rubber
Custom moldings are available in a range of sizes 0.2mm (0.008 in) to 500mm (19.7 in).

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